One Lake, Two Cities and A Multitude of Things to Do

Whether you are a pleasure-seeker or an outdoor enthusiast, you will find plenty to do in Pucón and Villarrica, which are home to casinos, restaurants and indoor and outdoor markets as well as hot springs and national parks.

These cities combine the cosmopolitan legacy of the German colonists who settled here in the 19th century with the customs and traditions of the Mapuche people. This diverse heritage can be appreciated in the cities’ architecture and a wide variety of activities such as games of chance in the casino and dinner in a traditional Mapuche ruca (dwelling) in downtown Villarrica.

In fact, your visit may seem all too short! No matter how long you have to spend here, don’t miss out on a chance to visit hot springs like Coñaripe, San Luis, Huife and Termas Geométricas or see the natural wonders of Huerquehue National Park, including as Lake Verde.

When you have had your fill of the restaurants on Pucón’s Calle Fresia, Villarrica’s market, Lican Ray resort on neighboring Calafquén Lake, and Lake Caburgua and its “Ojos” (cascade pools), head to Mamuil-Malal Pass, a well-traveled 200 km highway that joins Pucón and San Martín de los Andes in Argentina and offers incredible vistas of the native araucania forests.

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